Understand the trade offs you make with your money, your time, and your lifestyle.

And move from being worried about money, to a comfort in knowing your money is doing its job of letting you live the best life you can.

Only you can decide what makes the most sense for you to do with your life and your money. My role is to be a guide and a thinking partner. I work to help you identify the right questions to consider while bringing my knowledge and experience to work for you. As an advice only planner I don’t sell anything so my only interest is helping you avoid the big mistakes while making the best choice for you.

Different Ways To Work With Me

Setting up your money to support the life you want to live now, and into the future can take some work, but it’s worth it. As a Certified YNAB Budgeting coach, I can help teach you the method that lets you tell your money what to do, so you’re in control, and able to make the choices you want with your money. This focuses on your immediate financial situation helping you get a handle on what's going on right now so you feel more comfortable looking forward.

It’s like taking a 4 session rock climbing course so you can learn the basics, or a bit more, and then get out there on your own and do it, with some continued support of course.

Got a group of people that could all use some financial life insight? Your company maybe, or a group of friends. Workshops can take a look at the big picture, or specific elements of our overall lives, and how money plays a part. I'll tailor it to your specific group, or keep it more broad. They can be more lecture style, or hands on.
Examples include: Financial Life Satisfaction, Controlling Your Money Rather Than The Other Way Around, Investing Fundamentals, Financial Independence For Mountain People.

It’s like taking an avi course with a bunch of people rather than getting one on one instruction.

When you have a handle on what your money is doing right now, the next step is to set things up so your money can support you long-term, including when you choose to work less or not at all. I'll give you the tools to look at what you’re wanting to do with your life, and how best to ensure your money can support that lifestyle.

It’s like using a book, or an online trip planner to plan out that future wilderness canoe trip. You get the framework, and some built in suggestions but you're on your own for the most part when it comes to decision making. The framework will help you do everything you can now to set up for success, knowing that as things get closer, you’ll have to adjust to the reality of the time, but that adjustment is so much easier with an existing plan.

Whether you know what you want to be doing, or need someone to help you figure that out, an ongoing planning relationship helps remove the worry and gives you someone who’s there all the time, to check in with, and to help you learn and grow and move in the best direction for you. We’ll evaluate your spending and saving, your insurance situation, wills & estate planning, and long-term money (retirement) planning. We’ll look at Registered Retirement accounts (RRSPs), Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) and any other accounts or plans that can help you live the life you want.

It’s like having your own personal ski guide showing you the ropes and making sure you find the best lines for the way you ski over time, with the option of some more focused lessons as you go.

Outdoor Life Planning doesn’t sell anything other than advice and works on a pay what you can model with pricing suggestions based on income. We don’t believe how much money you have, or feel you have, should affect your ability to plan your life and your money.

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