I’ll help you get a handle on what you want out of life and how to have your money support that life, now and into the future. (Also known as financial planning.) I’ll be there to support you through changes in life and the financial markets, the up times and the down times. I’ll help you stick to the path when you’re needlessly or harmfully straying, and I’ll help you pick a new path when that’s what life desires. Keeping a thoughtful caring guide on hand helps prevent you from doing things that might be financially self-destructive. They can also help you take advantage of opportunities you didn’t even see coming.

What I'll do

  • Help you feel in control of your money, removing any anxiety you may feel about being financially disorganised
  • Get to know your hopes and fears so they can be worked with appropriately
  • Be a friendly, caring sounding board for all your major (or minor) life decisions
  • Provide clarity about the confusing world of finances and money management
  • Help you avoid the 'big mistakes' 
  • Provide optimism during periods of major pessimism 
  • Teach you to manage your money in the same way I manage my own

What I can't do

  • Predict what the economy or the stock market is going to do 
  • Pick hot sectors/hot funds/hot managers or stocks in advance, no one can 
  • Manage your investment portfolio (I can teach you how though) 
  • Pick the correct time to invest, I believe in 'time in' the market and not 'timing' the market The best time to invest was 30 years ago, the second best time is today 
  • Have advice about things that are outside of our control or are unimportant, which seems to be most of what the ‘investment industry’ focuses on 
  • Tell  you how you should invest your money. Instead we’ll determine your investor profile and look at the kinds of investments that make sense for you.

Together we can do a lot. With some support and guidance you’ll be able to feel in control and like you’re setting up future-you to live the life they want to be living, while present-you does the same.

Living and working in Treaty 7: territory of the Stoney-Nakoda, the Tsuut’ina, the Blackfoot Confederacy, and historically used by the Ktunaxa Nation, currently known as Banff. | 403.760.3539 | Allan@OutdoorLifePlanning.ca