Free Mountain Money Resources

We've all heard lots of rules of thumb about money and how it works, or doesn't, living in a mountain resort community. While those myths generally contain some truth, often there are a lot of myths out there that can mess you up if you're not careful. It's time to get past the myths so you can start doing your money better.

There are a lot of terms people use when it comes to money and investing. Here's a guide that breaks them down in easy to understand ways so you can follow along in money conversations.

Some spending is easy to forget. These are all things that come up regularly, though usually not every month.

While it's great to see how much money we can have after we save a bunch, what does that actually mean when it comes to providing for Future-Me?
A big pile if money is just that, a big pile. Knowing what you can do with that amount of money is what can actually help us with our decision making. This calculator helps give you an idea around how much monthly income your savings can provide you with.

Recommended Books

Alyssa Davies from is one of my favourite personal finance people on Instagram. She does really cool personal finance drawings and does some really interesting polling in her stories. Lots of real life examples of how life can look. She’s definitely got a real community of people supporting each other going on. I appreciate her point of view and on most things, and this book didn’t disappoint with great tools to feel more confident and secure in your money management.

Great book for Canadians kinda new to the planning/money/personal finance arena. If you want lots of depth and details though, this likely isn't for you. It's a good overview of the situation, with some background on why things are the way they are, so the reader gets context as well. I really enjoyed it, and definitely recommend it if you're in the early-ish stages of this journey.

This is a follow up to Changing For Good, looking more at how to implement their Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change in a variety of situations. It does go over the model of behaviour change which is good as I hadn't read the first book. It does this using specific examples which gave a good sense of how to implement the theory/model while also describing it. Great content on the theory of behaviour change, totally worthwhile for that alone.

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