Don’t spend your time worrying how to afford your mountain town

Spend your time
 out enjoying the mountains!

We live in a mountain town because we love what it offers.

We should be worrying if today is better for hiking or canoeing. Or choosing between the area and the back country. But the high cost of living and often lower than average wages can have us worrying about paying rent or the mortgage, or if we’ll ever be able to save enough for a new pair of skis, never mind financial independence (retirement). Don’t let money worry run your life. I can help you feel in control of your money by making decisions that tell your money what to do to support the life you want to live, rather than feeling like your money is dictating what you can or can't be doing.

Like you, I believe we should be able to live in a mountain town on any income

That’s why I help mountain people plan to get outdoors for the rest of their lives without the stress of how to afford it. Figuring out your ‘why’ along with what is ‘enough’ gives you clarity and confidence so your focus can shift to what’s truly important, enjoying the mountains. My role is to guide you in making sure your money is supporting a life future-you and present-you are excited to live.

Get Intentional With Your Life & Your Money

Avoid worrying about the cost of mountain living. Get clarity and support making decisions so you have confidence in using your money to live a mountain lifestyle. It’s one thing to figure out what to do and another to keep on the path of doing it. My role is to help guide you towards a life future-you, and present-you want to live.

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